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Rocks and Crystals are magical. What you may consider an insignificant rock possesses mystical qualities. They might protect your boundaries, bring you fortune and joy, increase your luck, bring love, harmony, success, and good health into your daily life, or promote harmony. 

I often say the stones I use speak to me because I am a great listener. They tell me what stone or stones they want to talk to and I introduce them. Kind of like a matchmaker. They speak to me. We play, we harmonize, we seek peace. I am a sensitive, an artist, and a stone listener. 

My customers comment on the combinations of stones, colors, and metals. If the combinations speak to me, they will probably speak to you. If they bring you a sense of peace and joy, they will probably bring you a sense of peace and joy. 

In case you’re interested, here’s some information about the stones I use and their special qualities. (You can cleanse and re-energize your stones. To “cleanse” your stones after purchase by taking a few deep breaths to clear your mind. Pick up your piece of jewelry and focus on removing any negative energy it might hold. Say to yourself, “I cleanse these crystals with peace and love.” While visualizing bad energy that is released going back into the ground and absorbed into Mother Earth, breathe in deeply and exhale forcefully on it. Repeat several times for large faceted stones. To “re-energize” your stones, place them in the sunlight outside for about 24 hours.) 

· Agate wards off unwanted visitors, creates a feeling of security and safety, clears negativity and bitterness, harmonizes yin and yang, increases perception, and boosts analytical functions. 

· Amber encourages compassion, absorbs negative forces, inspires the intellect, protects and cleanses environment, encourages wisdom, inspires self-expression, draws disease from the body, and eases tooth pain. 

· Amethyst inspires divine love, blocks stress and negative environmental energies, dispels fear and anxiety, rebalances emotions, heals, protects against psychic attacks, calms the mind, strengthens memory, promotes spiritual wisdom, inspires visualization, and increases motivation. 

· Aventurine balances, regulates growth, improves decisiveness and living your own truth, restores tranquility and positive attitudes, increases perception and creativity, attracts money, and promotes perception. 

· Blue Lace Agate helps expression of thoughts without the anger, releases fears of rejection and repression, works on throat chakra to release blockages, improves vitality, restores calm and peace, relieves stress, and strengthens the mind. 

· Carnelian increases fertility, restores vitality, energizes a room and gives it increased vitality, and encourages motivation and business success. 

· Chalcedony encourages optimism and goodwill, improves mood, dispels self-doubt, brings joy, improves blood circulation, and opens the mind to new ideas. 

· Chrysoprase encourages creativity, stimulates self-acceptance, helps when taking on new projects, brings a sense of security and trust, relieves depression, increases fertility, and eases sexual frustration. 

· Citrine attracts energy, inspires you to manifest and create wealth and success, stimulates creativity, helps to warm the atmosphere, encourages mental clarity, releases negative traits, overcomes anger, and promotes joy in life. 

· Copper enhances channeling, luck, abundance, purification, self-esteem, communication and energy. 

· Emerald enhances unconditional love; balances internal feelings; promotes partnership; encourages love; enhances clear vision; and enhances clairvoyance, memory, faith, serenity, and intelligence. 

· Fire Agate forms a shield around the body, grounds and protects, and calms and soothes the emotions. 

· Garnet brings passion and sexual potency, revitalizes energy, balances sex drive and emotional upset, encourages true love, and enhances emotional commitment. 

· Green Jade increases luck and good fortune, encourages peace and unconditional love, cleanses and restores emotional balance, disperses negative thoughts, and reduces irritability. 

· Green Tourmaline heals, brings balance, aids growth, attracts prosperity, enhances healing, channeling, strength, and happiness. 

· Howlite increases memory and cultivates a thirst for knowledge. 

· Jasper gives support in conflicts and encourages resolve. 

· Jet balances mood swings, relieves menstrual cramps, reduces cold symptoms, and relieves aches and pains. 

· Labradorite deflects negativity, rids you of your fears and insecurities, regulates metabolism, heals stomach pain, balances hormones, improves PMS, unblocks chakras, induces a peaceful sleep, promotes courage, increases intuition and psychic vision, and inspires imagination. 

· Lapis Lazuli attracts serenity, releases stress, amplifies your thoughts, aids in eloquent self-expression, encourages taking charge of one’s life, relieves painful headaches, and stabilizes blood pressure. 

· Malachite protects you from and absorbs negative energies, prevents negativity and depression, aids sleep, promotes 

business success, brings transformation, reduces swelling of joints, treats arthritis, and reduces stomach cramps. 

· Moss Agate boosts immune system, lowers fever, treats infection, relieves exhaustion, attracts money and abundance, inspires the soul, brings emotional balance, and reduces negativity. 

· Obsidian repels or transforms negativity, blocks stress, encourages optimism for the future, cleanses the heart of old attachments and painful memories, reduces joint pain, and relieves arthritis pain. 

· Onyx reduces overwhelming worrying and fear, promotes vigor and stamina, helps with introspection, encourages wise decisions, and calms mental stress. 

· Peridot acts as a tonic for the body and mind, reduces stress, removes negative patterns, releases jealousy and resentment, and helps to see mistakes, accept their guidance and move on. 

· Red Garnet reduces unreasonable anger; energizes, cleanses and balances the chakras; fosters romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, confidence, and social success. 

· Red Jasper stimulates energy, absorbs negativity, enhances contentment, compassion, nurturing, healing, serenity, and organizational abilities. 

· Ruby stimulates the Heart Chakra, attracts sexual activity, charges one’s passion, increases potency, boosts healthy blood circulation, brings courage and integrity, fires up enthusiasm for life, aids in strong leadership, and helps motivation and realizing attainable goals. 

· Rutilated Quartz heals energetic vibrations, cleanses and energizes your aura, alleviates depression, helps inspiration, and boosts immune system. 

· Silver augments grounding, mystic visions, mothering, hope, meditation, nurturance, and spiritual and romantic love and sensitivity. 

· Smoky Quartz neutralizes negative energy, grounds, centers, aids meditation, cleanses and protects the aura, lifts your mood, alleviates depression and fear, detoxes, alleviates pain, and strengthens back muscles. 

· Tiger’s Eye grounds and balances emotions, enhances insight, promotes clarity of intention, recognizes inner resources, aids asthma, heals throat infections, and increases personal power. 

· Turquoise is a sacred stone, removes pollutants, equalizes energies in a room, aids in creative communication, helps find one’s ultimate purpose in life, helps you understand your partner, releases your inhibitions, and prevents migraines.