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Nancy Faye Designs

Enhance  Empower Enlighten  Energize 

In 1996, my plate as a woman was spilling over with activities, duties, and responsibilities.  I was the mother of two children, a wife of 16 years, an art teacher at an elementary school, a graduate student, PTA President, a world traveler, writer, poet, nonprofit Board member, and a K-12 Counselor.  

To find calm and balance, I began to handle stones and make jewelry.  The more I handled them the more I heard them speak. Their voices grew louder and I felt better.  I realized stones have voices, healing properties, magical powers, and personalities. I suspect it was my West African and Native American bloods which allowed me to hear their commands.  

Amber and turquoise spoke to me first, then a host of precious and semi-precious stones chimed in saying: “Pick Me.”  “Put Me Here.”  “I Want Silver.”  Then others began to speak.  Carnelian, asked to be with turquoise, silver, and lapis.  Jasper wanted to be with Balinese silver.  Jade called for dark brown amber.  Their voices sparked the creation of Nancy Faye Designs.  

The collections of Nancy Faye Designs draw on personal life experiences and travels to Africa, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Australia, Bali, South Africa, and Oaxaca.  Nancy Faye Designs were created with the intention to heal, empower, calm, balance, inspire, ground, and energize all persons, especially women.  

For two decades, women, men, and children have purchased Nancy Faye Designs at various Festivals, Street Fairs, and Artisan Marketplaces, such as Art’N’Soul, the Montclair Wine and Food Festival, the Laurel Street Fair­, Artisans Marketplace at Jack London Square, the Temescal Street Fair, the Sausalito Street Fair and from Etsy.  Nancy Faye Designs has donated to numerous silent auctions and causes including the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC), Students Rising Above (SRA), and Elizabeth House.

Nancy Faye Designs’ Bead Soup Collection is a composition of coral, turquoise, lapis, amethyst, jade, amber, mother of pearl, onyx, garnet, and more, created because one day I spilled a tray of beads.  After scooping them up, I threw them in a bag and strung them.   I Feel Pretty speaks to the understated woman who wants to be heard quietly.  Make Me Powerful riles the warrior within.  Bangin’is for she who dances to her own music.  The Kahlo Collection invokes the spirit of Frida Kahlo.  Turquoise Treasures helps women understand their purpose in life.

Spirit comes through each design and speaks to all who are attracted by the stones, colors, and styles.  Experience Nancy Faye Designs and feel a sense of beauty, power, peace, and spiritual well-being.

My jewelry designs embolden, enlighten, empower, evoke, and energize.